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Not A Fangirl

Oh where to begin with this paticular fan art. First of all several references were used. Lucia from the game Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, for the facial expression and hair style. Second, Jade Curtis from the game Tales of the Abyss for the belt style and colors used through out the piece. I've seen the pose and style of dress before, but I didn't use a reference for them, I just drew that from memory, mainly since I couldn't remember when or where I'd seen it last.

Also, in addition to that, the pendant/necklace is actually a seperate drawing of Jade, official art was used as a reference for it, that I shrunk and then layered on top of the original fan art before using brushes to create a chain for it. I also used some heart brushes I obtained from DA and a custom brush I made from a pattern for the dress.

The whole thing took several hours on account of drawing and coloring the entire thing via mouse. I kept having to erase and redo parts until I was finally satisfied with how it looked. o_O

Anyway, it's dedicated to Sangome because in reality, it's a fan art of her or how I think she might appear if she had an older fashioned outfit based on Jade Curtis from Tales of the Abyss. And because there is a running joke about him being her husband so it would only make sense for her outfit to be more well, ladylike. >>

And now, I'm going to run and hide before Sangome maims me for the fan art.

EDIT: And it's now up at my DA account. Wheee

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