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Just a game
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Hello there.
This is strange, I know.
The concept behind this is quite simple: I recently watched dgm where they were in the arch meeting with Jasdebi and Allen says something like "life is always a pokergame" or something like that. So I thought I want to make a cardsplay out of my favs and make them a winning team.
First problem: 1 of my favs is an enemy of the other ones. So I left the Heart-thing on the card aside so that this can be a Straight flush (?) by the signs.
Second problem: There´re only 4 really really favs: Allen, Tyki, Kanda and Lavi.So I had to find someone else. Miranda´s kinda cool, too, so I chose her.
funnily enough, it was clear from the start who becomes which card. Allen as the Joker is really convincing, I think.
Oh, and my mom said the girl would be beautiful talking about Kanda. I had to laugh, but, honestly, is he too much looking like a girl here? That would be bad.
I personally like how Allen, Tyki and Kanda turned out here. Lavi´s okay, too,(seems like I found the right colour for his hair) but I could have done much better with Miranda.
Well, it doesn´t llook like it , but I needed 4 and a half hours for this. Geez. Hope you like it. Comments are very appreciated.

D.Gray-man Fan Art
allen, bookman jr, boys, cards, dgm, exorcist, game, girl, innocence, kanda, lavi, lotto, mikk, miranda, noah, rabi, tyki, tyki mikk, walker, yuu
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