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Apollo and Artreaties
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it seems I've been drawing a lot of guys lately.... I need the practice... anyways...

these two lovely men are my OC's from my Manga "Arsenaway" Im only up to chapter 2 so far so no one has really made an apperance besides Takeru and Sena.

but I can tell you that Artreaties the guy with the silver and black hair shows up in chapter 4. As well as Anatnas and a shot of Reese for those of you who actually look at the Arsenaway pics I upload you know who I'm talking about.

Artreaties: A Half wolf Half Human. He seems pretty intimadating but actually prefers not to resort to violence if it's not neccesary. however if he is being provoked to a certain point he will kick your ass.
He was always seen as an outcast by his town but no one botherd him much because his mother was the daughter of the govoner. but that changed the day of a terrible accident where he would be forever seen as a murder in the eyes of those people and anyone else that heared the story. He left his town and became a wondering rouge ever since.
And being a half wolf and an accused murderer dosent always make walking into a new town quite welcoming.
but he plans to change that with the help of Anatnas. Who promisies him that he will be respected if he helps him with his planned take over.

Next we have Apollo.
Apollo comes from a very gifted family of musicians who would travel around the country as entertainers and exterminators. They had a special gift in their music that allows them to control small animals such as vermon. Some people would request the family to rid their towns of mice and rats and were payed well for it.
But when the family came to a town to perform for a local Lords party The Lord became very paranoid about them thinking that they would try to controll him. (he wasent a very well liked guy) In fear for his life the Lord had Apollo's mother and father Murderd. Now the 11 year old Apollo and his Twin sister Luna were orphaned. They remained in that town for a little while longer having no where else to go. They would perform for money and when word got to the Lord that they also posessed this gift he tried to kill them in an "unfortunate accident" Apollo escaped it but his sister did not. Soon after her death Apollo discoverd not only could he controll small animals with his music but the dead as well. He used this new ability to kill the Lord that murdered his family, and he did it using the lord's own gaurds. (recently deceased ) 6 years later he meets Ayara who offers him a job with Anatnas.

don't you just love my zombies?... They're horrible XD

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