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Yes, it was Tetsuo's birthday, and I took part in the doujin event for his birthday over here. It was really fun! ^^

Originally an animated gif, so to see it move, go here.

Dialogue originally in Japanese, but here's the English version:

(Translations of the dialogue in the pic itself)
Youji: It's beautiful, isn't it? (talking about the candles)
Tetsuo: Yeah, it's beautiful (not talking about the candles)

(the dialogue)
Makoto: Don't misunderstand me! I-I was only asked by Youji whether I could bring the cake here after school!
Tetsuo: I see, I'm sorry.
Makoto: Oh well, it's okay. I can be with Youji, and I get to eat cake.
Zenya: That cake which Kitani made is delicious, so don't leave any uneaten.
Makoto: Come to think of it, why do we even have to turn off the lights!?
Zenya: The atmosphere right? AT-MOS-PHERE~
Youji: Erm, Shironuma... I... I forgot your present... I left it behind at home, so tomorrow...
Tetsuo: I don't mind. I'm happy just with you being by my side. Anyway, can I go to your house after this?
Youji: Eh.... yeah......
Makoto: OI SHIRONUMA!!! What do you plan to do to Youji!?
Zenya: Yeah, that's so unfair! I also want to have birthday sex with Youji! How about dropping by my place at Christmas (note: his bday's on Christmas)? Tetchan and Mako-chan can come too, since we can have a 4P. I'll get ready the costumes for cosplay as well~

Sweet Pool Fan Art
birthday, cake, makoto, sweet pool, tetsuo, youji, zenya
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