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The Last Night
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This is the Beauty and the Beast picture I was talking about
its for a Twisted Fairytales contest on Deviantart

I used the story of Beauty and the Beast

Belle stared deep into Beast's golden eyes. She was slowly melting as his eyes bore into her blue eyes. The love they shared was one that neither of them had ever experienced before. Belle was already arranged to wed a man she didn't love, but they both knew that this was true love between them. Beast had thought he was in love many times over his life span, but all of them died without the love he shared with Belle.
Beast watched as Belle tilted her head to the side, awaiting the kiss that would allow them ot be together forever. He could feel her small, delicate ahnds resting on his chest as he held her closer, Belle let out a small gast as Beast sank his teeth into her neck.
They stood there for what felt like an eternity, Beast knew that he should stop, the change only needing her to sleep now, but her couldn't stop. Belle's blood tasted like the richest, sweetest wine. Belle could feel her life slipping away, but when she tried to push Beast away, she found herself too weak.
Soon after Belle fell limp in Beast's arms, dead.
He let out a cry of anguish as he took in what he had done. Belle was dead, she would never stoke his hair to comfort him again, she would never laugh her sweet bell like laugh again, and most of all, she would never kiss him again. As beast picked up Belle's limp form in his arms, he realized why he had been named Beast.

Materials: Ink, Prisma Colored pencils, Watercolor, Photoshop effects

Referance: the world around me and one of my favorite stories

Comments and Critiques are appreciated

Beauty and the Beast Fan Art
beast, beauty and the beast, belle, candle, clock, pearls, rose, tea, twisted fairytale
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