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Brink of Innocence
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This is a fairly old picture that I just realised I never submitted here. Probably due to my hiatus. After I watch FMA: Brotherhood in English I'll be more active.

This is for Riska's "who says art doesnt feel?" challenge.

This is Keoki as a puppy. Keoki looks much shaggier and scarier as an adult. His ears also stand up. Bigger explaination: here.

The title says it all. Keoki is a puppy in this picture. He's innocence, but he doesn't stay that way. He's about 10wks here, not long after he leaves the farm he was born on. He gets himself lost and ends up in a large port city. As he grows he turns into a pest. And scary. So he was very disliked. But it all changes when he meets his best friend, a boy named Caleb. That's a much bigger story.

So, emotion I'm trying to get across here is innocence. What's more innocent than the eyes of a puppy? Even after they rip up your stuff they look innocent.

Dedicated to Riska for making the challege.

Keoki, concepts, and all related materials is copywrited to The Unsaid Works.

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Who Says Art Doesn't Feel?
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