EmoVampireRiska (Fan Art Portfolio) WORTORTLE!!! lol, jk, its only Ciel :]

WORTORTLE!!! lol, jk, its only Ciel :]
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(i cant think of titles anymore xDDD)(

i could complain a whole bunch about what i like and dont like
but my eyes hurt (new coloured contacts been in all day >.>)
so yeah... i did this at an anime (like) convention called FYEcon that i went to today :3 it was free, and fun, what else is there to ask for? lol
i decided to be a good little emo child and sit in the only corner (which happened to be near the anime stuff xD) and i drew :3 :]
cause none of my friends were there yet...lol
and drew Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
this is the first time i ever drew Ciel, or an eye patch xDD
actually..this was my first Kuro fan art :D
enjoy? :3 and dont forget to tell me what i can improve on :]
hmm... who to dedicate this to... =/ umm OH! I KNOW!!
this is for you Beth :3 because your a really good artist, a nice friend, you dedicate stuff to me on occasion, and well...because i fail and lost the picture i originally drew for you, for your birthday D:
sorry about that...
(extremely late >.> and i dont even know if you like this anime...lol)


-this was done in ONLY pen, because my sister has officially molested every one of my pencils and erasers >.>

EDIT: changed the picture to the newer scanned version^^

Kuroshitsuji Fan Art
!!!, :o, :p, black, black butler, bleh, boy, butler, ciel, ciel phantomhive, do, emo, emovampireriska, eyepatch, face, happy birthday, head shot, kuro, kuroshitsuji, kuroshitsuji black butler, lalala, meh, nom, nya, om, om nom nom, phantomhive, poo, riska, sad, tag tag tag, vampire
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