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The pervs
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ain't that amazing!?
I actually draw more oc's!8D
buuuuut I think I'll just draw more than color, right now


anyway here's the info(since you probably want to know about the title!XD):

Name: Rina Delmaire
age: 17 (thought her up 3 or so years ago)
personality: Pervy lesbo(pffft hawXD)

she wouldn't give you the time of day if you were a guy, she hates them to no limit, and I mean NO LIMIT, she'll grind her teeth to the core just lookin at 'em!XD

plus she's not a picky woman, she would just pick a random chick from crowd and flirt!XD

Name: Jaque -insertextremelylonglastnameevenIcan'tremember-
Age: 17 (thought him up 3 or 4? I dun remember)
personality: PERV(nuff said)

A lady man, a rich one, but his father found him a wife, so to avoid marrying her he stowed away on a ship and now works swabbing the deck and flirting with any girl he wants, except the female captain(who I might introduce later) who is only looking for adventure and will not think twice about throwing his ass of dah boat!

these two only have one thing in common, they love dah ladies~XDDDDD

and tis all~

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