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Yaku, the Sword Wizard
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My submission for the OC contest. It was good to draw him again. :)
Name: Yaku
Age: 13
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Likes: Meeting new people, festivals, summer, family
Bio: Born into a royal family, the youngest of all the royal children. He had the power to heal himself. His favorite sibling was his oldest brother, who was a Sword Wizard. Sword Wizards are magic users who can harness the powers of the elements, however; they need a magic sword to control all of that power. There are other wizards who use weapons to channel the elements, but you know it's a sword wizard when al four elements are used and their eyes bleed.
These powers were given to Yaku when an evil sorcerer went on a rampage and endeavored to kill the entire royal family. Yaku and the eldest brother were the last two left. The sorcerer used powerful magic on both of them, Yaku's heaing powers saved him, but his brother couldn't make it. When he saw this, he transferred his powers to Yaku. Yaku lost his original healing powers in the process, but he successfully got all of his brother's power before his brother died. The was weakened almost to the point of death, but survived.
Yaku is now a ronin sword wizard who is hunting down the sorcerer, to make sure what happened to him doesn't happen to anyone else.

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elements, elf, magic, samurai, sword
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