CrazyFangirl5746 (Fan Art Portfolio) Arashi Arashi...FALLING?!?!? XD

Arashi Arashi...FALLING?!?!? XD
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To: Chibi Grimmjow, if you want a closer image of them, just tell me and i'll take photos and put it in my world for a closer view if you can't see them properly k~

if anyone wants a closer view, just tell me k ^^

now let the rant begin~:3

lol, this was way too much fun~ so this is for the challenge paperchildren. its actually my first time making such a thing, so don't criticize me too badly >x<
i had plenty of fun making it though...i might make more later~ :D

so these chibis are the group, Arashi, i just had to do it~ what? of course it isn't out of my system, what are you, crazy! i'm a devoted fan~ ^^--> my excuse of being an obsessive jerk :D

so yeah, from the title and the thousands of hints that are attached on this, these chibis are my versions of Arashi~ ahahahaha, the one in the green is the DoS --> mega sadist , Matsumoto Jun~ and the rest are the other Arashi members~
Ninomiya: Orange , Ohno: Blue , Aiba: Purple , Sho: Red...

so here is a little bit of roleplay~ lol

Ninomiya: Stop sitting there you Dos of a prince and safe our butts already!! you know how much these bunches of idiots weight?!?!?! Are you listening
Matsumoto: No way, watching you all about to fall to your doom is way too much fun to let it go to waste...maybe later...maybe~
Ninomiya: Damn you!! you gonna pay for this!!! ><
Ohno: Nino, way are we dangling in the first place? I'm lost...
Aiba: Sho-chan, how you holding up?
Sho: What you think!! i'm frightened!! you know how scared i am when it comes to heights!?!?! OMIGAWD, SAVE US ALREADY JUN!!! PLEASE ;A;

well, i hope you enjoy this~ now if you will excuse me, i gotta start reading for my bio test that is next week...greeeat = =lll
plus i have to read a book and write an essay by monday for history~ ain't that a bunch of fun~ ahahahahaha.... = =lll

*sigh* T^T


Arashi Fan Art
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