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Here's a bit of info (i stole from your dA profile mwahaha) about Q-chan:

Alias/Name: Q, Q.Q., Quantity Quake
Nationality: Canadian
Gender: Male (crossdresser)
Appearance: Brown hair, grey eyes, wears an eyepatch.
Height: 5 ft (152.4 cm)
Other info: Mentored/trained under Beyond Birthday, collects BB's empty jars after he's done, pops his wrists often, is a bullying, sarcastic smartass.
Loves cats.


It's just a pencil sketch which later, got scanned and edited in Photoshop lol....sorry, i didn't colour *pure laziness*...and again, sorry, for having no knives(his trademark) in the drawing...
He loves nekos, and i actually drew some kittens but got rid of them during the editing coz there were just too much details...and the whole piece looked like a terrile mess...i also had no idea for what to do with the bg, so i just made it a halftone...hope you like it tho.



View this in my dA in high res.>>> clickie here!

EDIT: Yeah, I do agree with you guys - Q does look a LOT like Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji, when he cross-dress...I guess that's because of the eye patch and the cross-dress thing...or, maybe it was his hair or, the lolita style?..... Probably this wouldn't happen if I colour him....?

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