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Frosty Reunion
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For the "Your OC" challenge by inufluffy12. It's also dedicated to inufluffy12 for making the challenge. It's nearly 3:00AM here so I'll do a quick sum-up just to tell everyone about these two:

The girl on the right is Koji Vosyem. She's 20 when EPIC starts. She's dressed in the Hi Dojo colors, where she was raised and trained. Prior to the start of EPIC she married Zhek Vosyem. They have a 4 year old, Aleksei. Koji's strength lies in distance fighting, with her main weapon being hari needles. She uses them to attack the pressure points. In the picture she's wearing pajamas. Perhapse she planned on staying snuggled up in them all day due to the new snow, but her plans were changed.

The boy on the left is Kuri Ketsuenhi. He's 23 when EPIC starts. He's dressed in the unoffical country colors. I still need to hear from 2/3 other people regarding the country's flag. Kuri is Koji's brother, with him being the biological one and her the adopted one. He fights distance and close combat, but prefers close combat since his favorite weapon is his daito sword.

Kuri might never show up in EPIC as he is presumed dead. He has the opening to come in and cause trouble for Koji, but will he take it? It's way too early in development to tell.

Been a few months since I drew anything. Probably has something to do with not liking drawing, but who can really say? Called insomnia and weird things happen when you got it, like somehow you tore the corner of your mouth. Can't figure out how you did it, but you know if you open your mouth to laugh or yawn the wound opens again. Know how often you yawn with insomnia? Know how many things are suddenly laugh-out-loud hilarious with insomnia?

Both characters in their all (design, story, personality, ect.) have been created by me. They belong to EPIC which is copywritten to The Unsaid Works. All rights reserved.

Thanks for the challenge.
Thanks for stopping by.

Time taken: days and days
Tools: pencil, paper, gimp, my right hand, my left hand, kung fu, and a bit of music

~"Unlucky" Regnavi
.:The Unsaid Works:.

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boy, brother, epic, fire, girl, koji, kunoichi, kuri, ninja, regnavi, sister, the unsaid works, unlucky, unsaid
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