FUNimation (Fan Art Portfolio) Daniel, I Find it Depressing

Daniel, I Find it Depressing
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Extreamly late birthday gift for my sister(her birthday was September 28...)
Sketched it a long time ago, but she wanted something that I actually spend time on lmao

thus, I got off my lazy ass and refined the dang thing after enough nagging. *shot*
Daniel was painted in OpenCanvas 1.1 (I say painted cuz I tried digital painting instead of lineart and then coloring) and the background, text, and effects were all done in Photoshop CS. It's supposed to be raining...thus I made him a bit more shiny so you can see that he's wet. XD; And since I put so many effects, you can't really see the detail in his hair. [click here please] (and I changed his expression slightly in photoshop) Tried to make it more realistic like but I failed of course. >D

Daniel's from my sister's story Bus Stop Boy (her remake of her story Cherry Coke or something).

The original sketch had Adrian kissing Daniel on the cheek(which of coursed failed since I suck at drawing that stuff. OTL), but I didn't want to paint Adrian in...TOO MUCH WORK. that's why Daniel is suprised-ish.
He's still sorta suprised-ish in here though cuz Adrian's talking to him. WHY DON'T YOU GUYS JUST READ THE STORY. >D it'll make a whole lot more sense. Srsly.
Good story. Has boy love, but it's very good writing. She only has 2 chapters up though.

PS. I'll try to get my PF character profile up tomorrow if I have the time 'kay. I have it sketched. I just need to do the lineart and color. ;D

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