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Master Ref - Volt
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I did a new one cause the old one was crap. xD;

He wasn't born with his Lightning Bolt marking btw. It appeared on his forehead while he was undergoing Cecilia's transformation tests on him with the blue solution in his glass tube.

Did you guys know that Volt was actually a female when I first created him? xD I turned she in to a he because I felt that it fit better. And I have a fondness for male characters. BD

Volt is my baby, one of my absolute favorite characters. And yeah, this is my new Pikachu style. xD; It might change again, I don't know. But I kind of like it this way. I know standing on his tip-toes seems weird, but it makes it easier for me to do action scenes with it. ^^; He gained some chest fur, cause I was bored.

And yes there are Nano-Machines inside his blood. He doesn't notice they're there till later.

And Volt has the ability to speak SOME human. Although in the Pokemon Verse I put him in, Pokemon and Humans can speak to each other. It's still the normal Pokemon world.

He does have a story on him in my story folder, but I changed the plot of the story in like chapter 6. xD; So it's kind of jumbled around. And there is also a bit more detailed biography of Volt in there as well, but it's not worth looking at. xD

~Riiarei inspired me to finally make Volt's detailed ref, when she made her detailed ref of Volt's lover Kite. Isn't she epic?

So yeah. Here he is. And I was doing this while doing my make-up work for school. I took a break. xD

Kite belongs to a friend on deviantART.
Volt belongs to me.

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