Katana (Fan Art Portfolio) 2009 Summary of Art

2009 Summary of Art
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I've been meaning to post this up here, but just never got around to it until now, when my backlog of things kicked me in the face and I swore vengeance on it.

I already had an idea of what I was doing during the year - particularly the fact that I really wasn't submitting a whole lot to DA. AP Art took over, so a lot of my creativity was sapped due to that. Still, I'm rather impressed and amused, not to mention terrified, of what I wrought upon the year.

At first, I was going to pick two pieces from a month that had schoolwork, but I decided I should really bite the bullet and choose only one. I then thought of excluding schoolwork, but nah, I really like the stuff I made in class. So this is it, my favorites of the year:

-January - Heh, You Dope
openCanvas and I were pretty tight last winter (and I still quite enjoy it, just a little less useage), and with this one I finally was able to like...paint. The expressions are what make it for me.

-February - Catch the Other (AP/schoolwork)
Something I'd always wanted to do was draw real!Kat and chibi!Kat. I've seen others like this, but they're usually photos of a person's hand holding a chibi. This being not only a school project, but an AP piece (and submitted to the college board), I got a huge kick out of being able to draw a chibi for credit.

-March - Skullcandy (AP/schoolwork)
It blows my mind that I was able to pull this off. Based off a photograph of my Zune and earbuds hanging out by a window, this took a while but turned out gorgeous. It also forced me to work with the Warm/French Grey colors, something I never felt comfortable doing.

-April - Repetition (AP/schoolwork)
Sweet, simple, and to the point. Justs plain ink on paper, conveying a simple theme. But it just looks so good.

-May - Lightning Rod of Hate
Something I simply couldn't resist. I also used a new method for drawing and coloring it. Whose Line + Defense Shape = FTW!

-June - Sisters
This was a blast and turned out just as well as I had hoped. Me and my fake-sister Robyn got on an "Oblivion" kick in June and had fun coming up with adventures for our characters. It's also me forcing myself to "paint" again, which is rather interesting. I did as much as I could in openCanvas, resulting in only doing light effects in Photoshop, a task I'm quite pleased with.

-July - A Different Light
Utilizing my early birthday gift of Prismacolor colored pencils, I made this for Timber's birthday, and I don't think I've replicated its prettyness since. There's some elements I messed up on, but just how well it turned out blows me away, especially considering I hadn't used colored pencils in ages.

-August - Gear Up
This wins if just for the "eff I'm cool" factor. The cel-shading was fun, but the best part was figuring out the light and glow effects. Of course, I went on to freakin' DIE in the story, but I at least looked cool doing so.

-September - Smile Like You Mean It
A random foray into openCanvas one night while hanging in my dorm room. I had been knocking out multiple sketches of Cameron but really wanted to portray him with this big, goofy grin on his face. Also, his hair is just fun to do.

-October - Stippled Beaulieu (Schoolwork, 2D Design)
Stippling is a pain in the ass. But Trace is sexy enough that I endured it.

-November - I Know Something... (Schoolwork, Drawing 1)
Frig! Charcoal! I had no idea I could pull you off so well! My first real self portrait in college was made on two different days, wherein I had two different hairstyles going on and the lights were set up differently. Yay! But still, this was cool. I like the hand and the shadow from the earbuds.

-December - Scarfin' It - The Doc and Tati
I know I kinda jipped out with December, but they're like the same thing anyway. I love these two, if just for the awesome that is their character designs comboing up for awesome. Plus it marks my first serious use of Primsmacolor markers in a while, which made me happy on the inside.

Here's to 2010!

See it here on DeviantArt.

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