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Physics Monsters
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Soooo yeah. My printer refuses to turn on, which means the scanner is inaccessible ATM, and I resorted to Photobooth.

The top left is a space mechanic garbal with a very very very long neck. Like a giraffe. It's very useful for looking through the belly and bolts of spaceships, but most of the time is tucked in to look like a skin-tone turtleneck. He communicates through a series of groans (think No-Face from Spirited Away), but usually just fixes whatever problem has settled itself upon your ship, puts his hand out until you pay him the correct amount of money, then forgets of your existence. Payment can be very tedious, as credit cards are void in space.

The top right is my self-absorbed angler alien, which is a species on the verge of extinction. This is mostly due to the fact that 24 hours an Earth day, 7 days an Earth week, it sits and stares at its light. Food (fish) passes in front of it, swims into its mouth and out again, through its hollow skull, and yet nothing detracts the anglerlien from its light. Predators pass right by it because they assume it is dead or a rock/lamppost. Possibly one of the stupidest creatures in existence.

Lastly is my yet-to-be-finished pustulus manatee, which is basically a big fat ugly manatee. Don't say that in front of its face though; it is very self-conscious, and insulting it or worrying it in anyway will cause anxiety, and a pustule might just pop and spew alien suppuration all over you.

Yeah. Aliens. Monsters.

Zebra pen & Prismas.
1.5 hours on garbal and anglerlien, 45 minutes on pustulus.
Each of these was inspired by the boredom of waiting for everyone to finish the Physics tests we were taking.

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