CrazyFangirl5746 (Fan Art Portfolio) this isn't fanart, it's fanplushie :P

this isn't fanart, it's fanplushie :P
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Inner conscience: chibi, what is this section called?
Chibi: fanart
IC: and what is this?
C: a plushie...
C: Okay i get it!!!! it's not like there is a section to put plushies so this will just have to do >[]< you win got it! it, and one last thing
C: Yeah?
IC: this is Arashi related isn't it...
C:...guilty as charged T^T

lol, so yeah, as you can see from the argument i had with myself (i'm not crazy) this is again, Arashi related XD btw, this is their leader, Ohno Satoshi, the only one that has been introduced in my world XD --> i need to update soon = =lll
the pictures you see on the side are what i referenced from, so you can see what they are suppose to look like. oh and i didn't have his color hair so i just used brown (curse them for not having golden brown hair DX)
but then again...
I need to get out of that world (but i don't think it'll be anytime soon...)
i'm making all the members so wait for it~ btw, the eyes aren't definite, its just what i put together as last minute, i'm not sure what kind of expression i should put on him...any ideas? :3

so what do you guys think? you like it? cause if you do, i'm gonna start making other characters -->anime ones (finally!!), and i have promised some people that i would make their favs, (and if i know you out of theO world, i'll give you the real thing XD)people are also telling me i should sell these at cons, but i'm not sure if i'm ready for that. lol for now, they are birthday presents for my friends :P

Comments are really appreciated, and so are critiques :D

hope you enjoy it~ (lol i'm writing too much --> i always do XD)


Arashi Fan Art
anime, arashi, believe, crazyfangirl5746, ohno, plushie, pv, satoshi
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