The Eighth Sin (Fan Art Portfolio) Head Comes Off?

Head Comes Off?
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For VWBSZWAS's Cute Kids challenge!

In my sparest of spare time (which is none with the new semester) I've been trying to work on these memes over on dA. The meme requires drawing kids a lot. Long story short, I chose EPIC twins Aurora (girl) and Borealis (boy). Here they are at two.

In the show the two are both blond, but I had to draw them as babies and gave Borealis hair. If you're a blond at birth you are bald. So, Aurora was bald until recently which explains why her hair is so short. Borealis was born with brown hair that faded to blond as he grew.

The family wasn't super wealthy, and then with twins being very unexpected, their cash took a big drop. So the twins are wearing ugly clothes that don't fit right. Aurora's doll is also carved from wood with bits of rope for pigtails. In this picture Borealis has successfully snapped the head off said doll.

Borealis always comes out cuter than Aurora because I draw him first and put more work into him. I draw left to right and for some reason always put guys on the left. His expression reminds me a lot of a puppy cocking its head at a weird noise.

The thought bubble says what the title of this is called.

Dedicated to VWBSZWAS for making this challenge. Shout out to my business partners.

Aurora and Borealis are copywrite The Unsaid Works. Have a nice day and thanks for looking.

~Unlucky Bella-Dean "Sinny" Regnavi
.:The Unsaid Works' EPIC:.

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