Nehszriah (Fan Art Portfolio) FFtheO: DS: Gargoyle

FFtheO: DS: Gargoyle
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For the fan fiction Final Fantasy Otaku: Dueling Souls by Wayward Warrior.

You ever start reading and you just can't get it out of your head until you draw it out? I've been having that recently with FFthO. =/ There's many more, but this was just the most vivid one... after Johanna. It's something about the Nightmare Fuel, I think. I just can't get enough. >>'

I would assume that spontaneously growing wings would not be kind to clothing. I also assume that the fact things pick up about three/four days after arrival means we're ragged and in need of a shower. D:

Fun fact: I kept on hissing/growling while drawing/coloring this. XD

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