fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) Kari Kaiba - Sketch turned Lineart[?]

Hey ;D
Here's kari Kaiba! :D
She's been created[back in '05], revamped, remade, then revamped again XDD And after talking with my Magi-neechan[I LOVE YOU<3 :D], Kari's colors have been decided X3 [Although Magi hasn't seen it yet XD]
But yea =]

Kari Kaiba. She is 16 years old. She is the sister to Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. She IS blood related to Seto but NOT blood related to Mokuba[you would know why if you know Seto and Mokuba's past.] She use to have a monster crush on Joey Wheeler before he broke her heart. Later on, she realizes that she's starting to fall for Bakura [The Brit<3 XD]. She is a main Dragon, Pyro, and Winged Beast, user. The cards she uses all the time would be Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Harpie Lady's Brother, Mystic Swordsman[every Level], Flame Cerberus, Tyrant Dragon and Lord of D. <---duh XD.

Uhmmmm. Kari hates Mai's life [Kari: YOU PEDOPHILE! D':] *sighs and then shakes head* Anyhow, Mako Tsunami has a crush on Kari XDD [Fish boy PWAHA 8D *pats*] and...uhhh....I donno XDD My brother's Oc is Joey's brother though! :D His OC's name is Hunter Wheeler X3

That is all. KEESES<333

Go look at MagicRinger's YGO character. SHE'S SUPER CUTE!<3 =]

Kari Kaiba (c) fire.freak(theO)/fire-freak94(dA)
Yu-Gi-Oh (c) Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
fire.freak, kaiba, kari, kari kaiba, oc, ygo, yugioh
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