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More TegakiE-Pokemanz and OCs
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Hello, and welcome back to TegakiE time~ And today we got some characters of mine~
Starting from top left:
Image 1,a.k.a "The REAL Act":My real entry for the Talent Show in the Pokemanz group with my Gardevoir, Tsuki.
Image 2, a.k.a "The Past":Basically explains some of Tsuki's past(her ex-friend from back when she was a Kirlia)
Image 3, a.k.a "Night Time is Tea Time":Tsuki out somewhere with some...tea, I guess.
Image 4, some stuff about Tsuki and her new clothes(I don't know if it's possible to get beaten so badly you lose psychic abilities, but whatever)
Image 5, about Rio(the same guy who used to be friends with Tsuki), he's currently a...uh, a derranged stalker? I don't know, but he's got people doing dirty work for him, too.
Comment 1, part of Image 2, Tsuki as a Kirlia, Rio as a Roselia(shut up I know it's got cheesy dialogue)
Comment 2:Tsuki crying...also part of Image 2
Comment 3:Rio and another friend of Tsuki's, her name I haven't thought of yet, but she's a Drifblim(now reluctantly works under Rio by force)
Image 6:The Affection Baton on APHOC, some "affectionate" terms in Turkmen(I looked up some stuff in an English-Turkmen dictionary online, so hopefully the words and grammar are right)

Ummm, yeah, expect me to draw a whole bunch of stuff relating to Pokemon Gijinkas/Pokemanz...
Tsuki actually isn't a pokemon I have in my Diamond game, at least since I don't have the National Dex yet XD
I do have a Drifblim and a Roserade though, but his name is Ryou, not Rio XD

Asli Yildic/Turkmenistan,Rio,the un-named Drifblim&Tsuki(c)Me
Pokemon(c)Nintendo(as far as I know)

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
affection, asli, baton, drifblim, gardevoir, gijinka, kirlia, rio, roselia, roserade, tsuki, turkmenistan
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