Summer Daydream (Fan Art Portfolio) And that's the Only Thing.

And that's the Only Thing.

But whenever I look back, all I see is the color of the sky.
And that's the only thing.

That poem used in the picture and quoted above was one I found in an art book. I wish I knew who wrote it. >:

I was so inspired by the poem, I drew art for it. This is an ooold pic. I did this in... June of '09. Though I must say, I only had to do a few minor touch-ups before sharing this with you. I guess my art from back then isn't as bad as I thought~.

The girl's hair is morphing into birds, as you can see. It was what I imagined when I read the "all I see is the color of the sky" part of the poem - her hair turning to birds and then taking to the ever-blue skies.

I love this brand of abstract-ish art. Naturally, I had to try my hand at it. I did a more recent doodle kind of like the one above. (You can tell I'm sort of proud of them even though I know I can do better, amirite?)

This girl... is Tomato, the one I used in an earlier picture - that one titled "T H I N K." She is a fan character for a series, but I often find myself using her for experimental art. Ahaha.

So... comment/give constructive criticism, please!

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