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I drew Mizuki again! So cute! >//< Her outfit has changed a bit. Instead of really loose pants, their now almost like leggings that bunch up a tad above her knee. Her shoes are almost to her knees. I dont think they have heels. Though they may have geta-style bottoms. Her sleeves i drew to tight. They were supposed to be really baggy, though when i inked them i followed the line of her arm instead of the line for the sleeves. oops my bad. Her hair is lighter, with both highlights and low lights. Three faceted yo! I think the colors were chocolate, honey and tan? something like that. Her hand s horrible. I have no clue what happened to it. oh! her's her chart-thing
Name: Mizuki
Ninja rank:Jounin, training to be an ambu medic-nin
Looks: long dark brown hair (to mid back), golden eyes, the same body type as Tsunade when she was her age, a lot like her mother in looks actually other than hair color, A picture -->Mizuki-chii 5 ft 5 1/2 in
Parents: Tsunade, Father unknown though was raised by shizune
Special moves (something only they know): Dance of the lotus petals (a fire jutsu)
Bloodline traits (optional): Does appearance count? lol. ^^; Excellent chakra control
Personality: She can be very hyper and loving and sweet just don’t get her angry, she will not hesitate to hit, or use her lotus petal jutsu to burn you to a crisp. She is usually mellow though, only getting hyper when she has something important to tell or if something happened. prone to smiling at odd times and can always appreciate a good joke or prank.

oh! I'm going to be her for holloween! well...either her or kokoro...maybe both!" I perfer kokoro. Her boobs arent showing! "well..i think thats it! please tell me what you think! I dont bite.

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