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Light of Love
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For Angelic Song's challenge, Cutest Couple. I sketched it on St. Valentine's Day but didn't have time to line or color it until now...the weekend. Weekends are awesome.

Keeping with her rules, which go along nicely with my own personal drawing whatever, I will now tell you their names and a bit about them. For the purpose of the characters belonging to something larger than myself, I will not say last names. Can you say cheat code.

The boy (left) is named Australis. He lives in a decent sized village. You know; a local pub, a small market, and a few small surrounding farms. He lives on a farm and does all the hard manual labor like plowing, chopping wood, even pulling the wood/hay cart. As far as I know he an only child, and if not he's the oldest. His story isn't really part of the story. Anyway, the girl (right) is Aurora. She lives in a house at the boarder of his family's property. It's got a barn but it's more of a small orchard then a farm. Being that Australis's family has no milk cow, his family and Aurora's family have a co-existance going on. Her family gets wheat and corn, his gets apples and milk. Aurora and Australis get closer as they get older, despite the fact Australis and Aurora's twin brother Borealis don't really get along. Australis offically starts courting Aurora when they're about sixteen, maybe closer to seventeen.

No background this time. They're supposed to be in her family's barn. She was milking the cow and he interrupted. Shame on him.

If you didn't catch that the names are the Northern Lights [Aurora Borealis] and the Southern Lights [Aurora Australis]. I always loved the Aurora Borealis so along came the blond twins, Aurora and Borealis. I lived in Australia for three months and stopped in New Zealand for two weeks before coming back to the States. When I was in NZ I saw some awesome pictures of the Aurora Australis and decided Aurora had more dynamics if she had an old flame. Since Aurora and Borealis are both blond, and Borealis has fuscha colored eyes, I decided to do Australis in the colors of the Northern Lights.

Dedicated to Angelic Song for giving me an excuse to submit a V-day photo aftr V-day.
Aurora, Australis, and all material relating to their stories/personalities were originally created by me. They belong to The Unsaid Works. Thanks for looking.

~Unlucky Bella-Dean "Sinny" Regnavi
.:The Unsaid Works:.

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