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Pencil Lagann
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I haven't logged in since forever xD

And I read the invitation to this challenge just one day before the deadline. Talk about perfect timing.

Sorry for not being active these few months. I'll visit and talk to you guys once I'm done uploading stuff on dA.

Thanks to those who dropped me some gifts in my absence, and the birthday wishes! ^^

「お前のペンシルで天を突け!!!」- Omae no Penshiru de Ten wo Tsuke!!! (Pierce through the heavens with your pencil!!!)

Someone should shoot me for the excessive amounts of lame, but I had about a day to think, draw, clean, scan, and post an entry up here. It's for a challenge which vampire kiss is holding, and he kindly invited me to participate :) I hope this looks decent enough. I haven't drawn in forever and I swear I just felt my drawing abilities get a little rusty while drawing this, lol.

Oh look! The last couple of drawings in my portfolio are contest entries D: I dunno if it's because I'm that unmotivated or because I'm just desperately looking for an excuse to draw.

My first attempt at mecha. Maintaining proportions was pretty hard, but adding the shine was fun :D And shading was a little easier because of the absence of fabric.

To point out the obvious: I replaced drills with pencils to fit the theme of the challenge and added the lame phrase to kill white spaces. Said phrase is stolen from the first episode of TTGL and modified. The huge drill on top is probably fitted with a giant pencil too... but the lead would most likely crumble immediately upon impact, lol.

I'm not hoping to win anything :P This doesn't compare to some of the great entries I've seen.

Reference: TTGL anime screenshot + this
Medium: Mechanical pencil, 2B pencil

P.S. I changed my sig to my dA name. Add me if you wish, but be warned of spam because I'm still uploading old junk. I'll start adding friends from theO once I'm done.

Gurren Lagann Fan Art
challenge, gurren, lagann, mecha, pencil, tengen, toppa
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