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Our Secret
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The three characters in my new comic, 'Our Secret'
The brunette, Cathy, the black-haired girl, Lily and the headphones girl, Nina.
Thrust into a an underground battle royal, they have to fight ruthless opponents or risk dying. The stakes are high as they face their enemies, while trying to keep everything a secret from their friends and family. Among the blood, pain and back-stabbing, Cathy finds comfort in the presence of the bipolar Nina and quick-witted Lily. The quirky dynamics of their group is proven an advantage but beyond all the fight, there is more than friendship forming.


Alright,a new comic. I told myself I wouldn't but yeah... trying to see if I can draw girls this time. It's like the opposite of Brother Assassin. =w= Anyway, if you believed all that, then I apologize. I'm just kidding with ya, haha. As if I have any time to spare for a new comic, orz.... Sorry you guys, lol. This will never happen. But these characters do exist, just not in this kind of story. ~____~

Can you tell how out of character I feel right now? :D

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cathy, knew, lily, nina, our, secret, who
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