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Moses Sandor
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Moses Sandor (age: 19) from the game/manga Tales of Legendia. Featuring his companion Geit.

Moses is the most (only) balanced/stable character in the tales series. During the character quest at the end of the game, everyone has horrible hidden issues and you end up having to fight their shadow selves except Moses. Geit's the one with problems and Moses still takes care of it. He doesn't have any shady regrets, secret pasts, emotional handicaps, homocidal obsessions (coughshirleycough), or deathwishes. He's moral, happy, caring, optimistically realistic, family oriented, understanding, intelligent (though no one gives him credit for it), has a sense of humor, doesn't overcomplicate things, and is very capable. Plus, he talks with a southern-ish (XD) accent (done by Shiloh Strong). His voice is so much fun to do. He's also been the head of his own organization of bandits (which he organized) for some time. While they are called bandits, they still seem like better people than the citizens you encounter. Moses is an actual GOOD guy, which you don't see very often in anime. That's why I love Moses.X3

Moses was an exile orphan at a very young age. Meaning his parents didn't die, he was kicked out of his village for befriending a "monster", Geit. Also around the same time he lost his eye. That's as far as I'm going with that becaiuse I don't want to give anything else away. Moses and Geit became like family. Moses began being a big brother to other outcasts. We meet Moses when he's 19, respected leader of a large group of bandits (outcasts dubbed bandits by the wealthy.) Moses is the older brother keeping all the others alive and out of the slums. He sees them all as family. He's also the big brother of your group when he joins your party. Especially to Jay, who really needs it, though he doesn't like to admit it. Moses and Geit are inseperable, which is why Geit is featured.

Moses and Jay
Moses and Geit

He's even got a happy dance. Moses Happy Dance

Tales of (Series) Fan Art
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