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Hello minna-san!~ (> ¬ <)/

Actually,I was to have I submit this drawing some time ago!u_u;
But due to some unforeseen I could not submit before!>.<

Gomenasai for everybody!>.<

This drawing is so pretty and cute!
I call of “Orihime + Ulqui-chibi”!XD
I took time for coloring the hair of Hime-chan,but I think it was good!^_^[You realize that her hair has three types of oranges?...I think not...u_u;]
Was fun drawing them!X3 I really love this work!~ >////<

This Fan Art is a dedication for my kawaii and very dear friend,Uta-chan!> ¬ <
Thank you very much for all your support!> w < I'm very happy to have met you!=^-^=
And I'm sorry for not having dedicated something to you before!>_<
When I was doubts or felt worthless,you helped me!^-^
So,hontoni arigatou for being a wonderful friend and for all your lovely comments!
[Sorry for sometimes disturbing you!>.<]

It's been a long time since I talked with you…O_O I miss you!;_;
I hope you're studying a lot!X3 [But take care with your health!]Please,keep doing your best!
Gambatte ne!^_^ And smile always!XD

Thanks for all the pretty comments,favorite and hugs!> w <
I hope you like!~

Ja ne!~

PS: Please respect my work!...And the work of others!O_O

Bleach Fan Art
bleach, inoue, orihime, schiffer, ulquiorra
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