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Ho-hah~ my submission for jerryabistado's challenge...okay, here's the description;

The Captain, in the red clothes, named Ravenknight Bloodhound, he was cunning and very tricky. Sometimes, he acted all clueless but he knew everything. His right eyes (or left?) was badly injured when he tried to save Vaughn few years ago. His current age - 25 years old. He was rumored to be the most skillful swordsmen but there's no one left to confirm it. So, he worthed only 10,000 gold pieces since the government officers never cross blade with him...

The Treasurer, who sat beside Captain Ravenknight is Rozennite Bloodhound, and yes, she was Ravenknight's little sister. She's very serious when it comes to money and never enjoys using her ability of Explosion Master in fighting. She slept for 20 hours when she's idle and awake for only 4 hours. She's very close to her brother and her current age - 18 years old. Worthed 100,000 gold pieces due to the difficulty of catching her.

Cook, Navigator, Cleaner, that's all Vaughn's work in the ship. You can see he was sitting on the treasure trunk behind Ravenknight, wearing the Captain's pirate's hat. He was an orphan and was saved by Ravenknight few years ago. He sworn to serve Ravenknight with loyalty after the incident. Thou he might not look like it, but his intelligence surpasses any natural geniuses and he could predict the enemy's move precisely. He was 17 years old and had a huge crush on Rozennite. He was wanted alive and worthed over 2200,000 gold pieces (most bounty hunter requested the reward to be raised since they're dealing with the most intelligent person)...

Right-Hand of the Captain, Hannya was the name and he was standing further from the trio. A wanted criminal from Japan who fled to Eastern Europe. He lost to Ravenknight in a swords fight and in return, he was asked for his loyalty to the captain. Hannya was a skillful swordsmen himself and he always demand a rematch with Ravenknight. He was 29 years old and worthed over 3,000,000 gold pieces...

Okay, that's that. It's tiring to write down the description (pant), but I have fun in doing this artwork, I take at least 4 days to finish it and the first one I draw was Rozennite. I'd like to remind that I'm a beginner in water-coloring, anything good in it comes from my beginner's luck (if there's anything good about this artwork that is...)
So, saves the knives but I welcomed critiques and comments!!!

This artwork is dedicated to Lavender Girl, cause she checked all my artworks...

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