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OC Crew: Spinning Gold Pirates
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A ragtag group of pirates originating in the West Blue with one goal: GOLD!

Captain (Middle): Mobius _ (I't decided on a first name yet >.< )Abilites: Super human strength, & may have a devil fruit power, though this remains unconfirmed by the Marines. Bounty: 83 million

Amedeo (Left): Apprentice cook and cabin boy. Age: 13. Abilities: cooking, cleaning. Bounty: due to his age and lack of combat experiece, none as of yet.

Right Hand man/ Navigator: Gavin (between Mobius and Amedeo) Notable characteristics: Tattoos on chest & arms, mostly dealing w/ maps and charts. Abilities: extensive astronomy knowledge, martial arts. Bounty: 51 million

Cook/ resident crazy guy: Barton Sanders (above Amedeo), notorious for his crazy conspiracy theories, knowledge of chemistry, and cooking overly greasy foods. Bounty: 18 million

Female Pirate: J--- (again, I apologize D: it's taking me awhile to decide on a name for her. Something that begins with "J" though) Fighting style/abilities: razor sharp wires and ropes. Trait: taciturn. Role: general fighter
Bounty: 28 million
All characters belong to me. Please do not use without my permission. Thank you! :D

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