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the enchanted doll
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for the oc drawing contest!
name: natalya (still thinking of a russian surname for her)
age: 15-16
status: belongs to the aristocracy
title: is a grand duchess
abilities: reality shifts
symbol: cross
family: an only child whose father is czar of Perovskia (name of country)
strengths: vivid imagination, courage
weaknesses: winds up, daydreams frequently, spoiled rotten, physically weak
goal: escape reality and awaken the world
personality: though polite, sweet and innocent, she is a spoiled daddy's little girl. natalya is an oddball with no friends. when bored she finds herself dwelling in daydreams and fairy tales. she doesn't like to gossip with other girls, she would rather enjoy a quiet tea party with her dolls.

i did something a little different with the coloring. i used gradient like images for the hair, dress, shoes and socks. i don't really like the ruffles, but they are okay. personally i think the picture turned out fantastic! it came out looking rather aquatic and dreamy imo. i also added eye shadow which i think givs her face a little dimension rather than a pie face. my favorite parts of the picture though have to be the eyes and cameo jewels.

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aristocrat, ball jointed, bjd, black, bows, crosses, curtsy, cute, dark, duchess, gothic, grand, green, lace, lolita, natalya, ribbons, ruffles, victorian, white, windup
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