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One Piece OC- Petty Officer First Class Manzo
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Name: Petty officer first class Manzo

Age: 35

Personality: Lazy, cowardly, uncaring, judgmental

Devil Fruit: Yume Yume no Mi/ Dream Dream Fruit

Powers: Manzo has the power to control peoples dreams when they are asleep which can vary from peaceful dreams to full blown nightmares. He can also cause you to hallucinate and see your worst nightmares if you're awake, rarely does he ever do this unless he feels threatened. Over the coarse of the years Manzo has learned a few techniques which can cause his opponent to fall asleep (These techniques are not part of his devil fruit abilities).

Manzo has no physical strength and solely relies on his devil fruit powers to win a fight. Manzo can however sense what's around him when he is sleeping.

Bio: All that is know about Manzo is that he joined the Marines at age 25 and acquired the devil fruit powers, which rose him up in the ranks slightly. He never talks about his past and is very often caught sleeping on the job. Because of his rank in the Marines he is given control of a small group of Marines who are sent out to capture small bounty pirates.

Dream: To be a commander of his own crew and to find the worlds best spot to take a nap.

Likes: Sleep, warm weather, nightgowns, peaceful negotiations, Marines, authority

Dislikes: Being woken up, fighting, not being in control, being mad fun of

Crew: Manzo is in a marine division. He controls his own small group of Marines named the Dreamscape Squad.

A/N: So the picture is a first draft, but I want him to look a little older and a little more well dressed since he is a petty officer. Also his night cap can be a little longer.

One Piece Fan Art
devil fruit, dream dream fruit, marine, navy, rpg, sleep
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