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Happy Jane, Angry Lisbon
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My gosh this took forever. Drew it in about an hour, but then coloring took three, and figuring out what the heck was wrong with it when I uploaded it took another half an hour. The background was originally transparent, but when uploaded, it was black and the colors were weird and crap. So you get a nice white background. Yaaay.

Anyway, onto the actual picture. It was last Thursday when a friend (*cough* Wayward *cough*) suggested The Mentalist to me. One episode was all it took. I love it. One week later, I only have three episodes left in season one. Patrick Jane is absolutely 100% incredible, and Simon Baker is gorgeous! There is no one on the team that I don't like, and it's really very hard to pick my least favorite! Great characters. But Jane wins. <3

I don't, however, ship Lisbon and Jane. I think that Jane loves his wife too much to be with anyone else, and he very well should. I mean, Lisbon is great, but nah. No shipping here. Van Pelt x Rigsby FTW though!

Er, but yeah. With any fandom comes fanart, right? Well, mission accomplished. Here we have an irritated agent, and a beaming consultant. Happy Jane normally leads to Angry Lisbon, amirite? Yeah.

And now I'm off to finish season one!

The Mentalist Fan Art
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