IyamiNaHamusutaa (Fan Art Portfolio) My Style Character Dump.

My Style Character Dump.
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Entry for HametsuKuro's Style challenge

My original charcters from top-to-bottom, left-to-right (if anyone cares XD):
Kanwi (ballon head), Madd Mabbit, D, Alan, Potato (dieased rabbit), Jack & Lel, Balloon eating Cloud Whale, Sachi (self portrait) holding Tolbert (the goat), Milus Marion, Randy, Blanch & Boo

I've drawn my whole life, ever since my little hand could grasp a a crayon. I started out drawing animals, mostly cats and dogs, and then around 3rd grade, I started drawing cartoon characters, such as those from the Rug Rats. It wasn't till 5th grade that I really got into anime, and at that time I only drew pokemon. In 7th grade I finally started watching DBZ; amazed that I actually liked it, I drew my fist human-anime drawing, the face of Goten. From there I started drawing things like Inuyasha, Yu yu Hakusho, and Ruroni Kenshin. Uptil then I had just been redrawing pictures I found on the internet, so in 8th grade I decided I wanted to draw my own charcters, and ended up draw buying this how to draw manga book. With the book's help I ended up creating the most horrible, big headed, huge eyed, chibi monstrosity; I though it was a master piece at the time XD Eventually I got better. The heads I drew shrunk down, a little too much at one point. Then I only drew faces. And then only magical girls. My style went from the boxy like faces and body parts in Inuyasha, to a more round, and detailed shojo style.
It was 2 Years ago that I decided I was tired of the over done anime/shojo style, and started drawing chibis. I was imspired by drawings done by other artist on the Otaku, other sites, my sister, a few friends, and more recently I'm trying to incorporate more of a cartoony (less anime) style, such as that from Invader Zim. Now I like to draw chacters with large heads, big mismatched eyes with either no pupils, or very small ones, small torsos, tappered legs and arms, tiny tiny feet, and either really small undetailed hands, lobster claw like hands, or just stubbs. I use alot of ink, and if I color, I use a limited color palette. To me less is more; the less color the better (if I do color traditionally I use highlighters). I'm sorta happy with my style; theres always room for improvement. I can always count on my style to grow and change, I'd get bored if it didn't.

Sorry I wrote so much XD

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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