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Rejecting Jisbon
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Note: Jisbon = Patrick Jane x Teresa Lisbon

This morning, I discovered the greatness that is Senseless Scribbles, a Mentalist parody. It's absolutely hilarious. There are so many great lines, but these are the ones that inspired this picture:

"Very clever of you, but now you must die!"

"Not if…not if…I throw these sharp things at you." Jane grabbed the porcupine quills and threw them at the man before he took of running (for a second time in forty-eight hours) and met Rigsby in the doorway. "Draw your weapon! Now! So I don't die, because if I did—we'd never have any false shipper hope, and almost everyone wants Lisbon and I to get together!" Rigsby fumbled around for his gun, only to point it at Wagner.

So that's where the top half of this picture comes from. The second half is me (with my new haircut, haha) and the constant struggle that is rejecting Jisbon. I kind of feel that Jane shouldn't date anyone (yet, anyway) because his wife died because of him. But then I see all these amazing Jisbon pictures and things and it's hard to resist. xD I'm slowing being drawn into the Jisbon Army! If Jane was to get with anyone though, Lisbon is definitely the only person I would accept. I can't stand Frye. >>

But yes! It's also the author of Senseless Scribbles birthday, so happy birthday to her! :D

The Mentalist Fan Art
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