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So, this is a picture of me, or at least a picture of the way I portray myself. I drew it for HametsuKuro's challenge "your style" i wish I had pants that color.

Now, I shall answer teh questions...

◦When did you begin drawing?

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, off and on, but sometimes I draw real intensly for several days, and then I go without drawing for several months, or even years. I'd have to say that the most recent time I've started drawing seriously, was two or three days ago. before that I hadn't draawn since march. Heh heh...

◦Did you create your own style or is it an inspiration/mixture of many different famous styles?

I would have to say that originally I came up with it mostly on my own, with a little bit of inspiration from my cousins sytle, and my friend who lived across the street. But, as I go through life, I see parts of other peoples drawings that I like, and then I try to tie that in with my style. Occasionally, if I have an idea for something, and I don't know how to draw it, then I will look at other peoples pictures and try out their style. but not often.

◦How long have you been sticking to your style?

I try to stick to my style as much as possible. But it changes over time, so I'm not sure how to tell how long I've stuck with it the way it is now.

◦Are you satisfied enough to keep your style going far into the future or do you still think there is room for improvement?

There is always room for improvement. While many people have told me that they like my style, I'm not that fond of it. Personally I wish I could draw that more sketchy, manlyish style, but I can't, so I make do with what I can do. I'll never quit trying to get better though.

And that's it! :3 Have a nice day.

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