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Briar Rose
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Info copy/pasted from DA (you guys get the bigger picture but messy watermark rofl)

Well it was first drawn traditionally which took about 10-15 mins xDD" (lol scribble) [link]

And then i did the lineart in Sai which took HOURS @_@"
So yes, my hand hurts xDDD i'll colour later... maybe...

Title says most of it HOWEVER uh yeah hmmm it was just a doodle because lately i've been plotting this "comic" with iggy (<333) and yeah it turned into a full blown picture LMAO d-derp.

BUT yeah it'd be like, a BL of the fairytale we alll know
"oh pff another person tainting a fairytale"
WELL ACTUALLY it starts with rose waking up... looking at some space dude, so no, not like the others =u=""
It'll be done on smackjeeves if we ever get round to doing pages and crap lmao though i want it started come the end of the week =_=" we'll see if that happens...

And yes, i know there are errors but i honestly dont care xD"

NOTE As for posting thing on theo - i dunno yet - it may get mature so we might just stick to smackjeeves, or maybe put in filler pages and say "CENSOR go to blablabla if your old enough" but eh it seems a little tedious, we'll see what happens =u="

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beauty, bl, briar, clozimodo, comic, lineart, male, rose, sleeping
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