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Twins of Renais
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for reirei's challenge
i realize there's already a fire emblem entry, but i just had to submit this since it's my favorite game out there!
i've deciced to draw something from Sacred Stones (the 8th game) since it's the first one i've played and i completly fell in love with the whole serie after a few chapters. IT'S THAT GOOD!

anyway, the characters are Ephraim and Eirika the two main characters and my favorite pair of the whole series
I notice how the background is pretty boring =_= , sorry about that...

now for the short review of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem is a SRPG game and you start off with the hero and gain more and more allies as you progress to end up with an army of fearsome warriors to overcome evil and save the world! XD.
There a lot of playable characters that each have an interesting personnality and different stats (so choose your fav to make up the best team!)
the plot is quite interesting and captivating, the music is also very good, and graphic aren't bad.
So i highly suggest this game to anyone who love SRPG(like me)

bote: the major difference of FE games from other SRPG , is that when a character dies in battle.... well he doesn't come back...=( hope u dont mind that.

Fire Emblem Fan Art
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