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I've wanted to make a fursona for me a for a long time and I finally finished!! Most of the information is on there. I'll tell you why I chose some features for Mocha.

Well, I have dark brown hair and eyes. And my ears are pierced. I actually own two silver jingle bell earrings. My hair is long (I think to my lower mid-back) and the brown streak on her back kinda represents my hair. I am in the band at my highschool, (I play the clarinet) so I wanted to incorporate music into the design. Hence the treble clef attatched to the neck-ribbon thing. It's purple because, as you all know, I love purple. BD

I got freckles, :3 so I gave her freckles. Or you could say they're spots near her nose, since she has fur. I wear a black satin-y ribbon around my left wrist 24/7 and on my right wrist I have four sillybands. The red one is a kitty, the orange is a glow-in-the-dark snail, the blue is a glow-in-the-dark shark, and the purple is a country guitar :3 I'm OCD so I always keep them in rainbow order XD

I really love wearing black socks, so I made her back feet dark brown. Also, I LOVE MAH COFFEE so I decided to name her after some sort of coffee. She looked like a Mocha and that name stuck. :D

Those colors I put there, the names are for crayola colored pencils if anyone wanted to draw her. Later I'll do a ref on Paint so you can digitally color her with the right colors ^~^

I sketched the rough draft in a day, finished it up the next day, then inked and colored in like 1.5 days. (I had school so I was slower this time)

I'm really pleased with how she came out!! I especially like the shot of her at the top left. I like how the eyes, nose, mouth, and jowls came out <33
Please tell me what you think!!!


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