IyamiNaHamusutaa (Fan Art Portfolio) Proving my Improvement

Proving my Improvement
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Yes, I do realize that there is an extra 'n' in IyamiNaHamusutaa, though I'm sure most of you won't XD This is my entry for jeweloflife's prove your improvement challenge. The work on the left is about 5 years old, while the work on the right is just minutes old. The one with her riding on the toaster is my usual style, while the one with her holding the broom is a closer version to the original, to show how I would draw her today if I were sticking to a similar style.


From a scale of 1-10, how have you improved in quality/skill?Why?
I'd say I've improved on a scale of 8 for these reasons:
1. Though I tend to draw a more simple sort of eye now-a-days, at least they’re located in relatively the right position on the face.
2. I got photo shop XD
3. I now draw in my own sort of style, instead of trying to copy the generic anime-ness of almost all anime
4. Its easier for me to draw the body in different positions, though I can still improve a lot in this area
5. I’m much quicker at drawing, I sketched the 2 newest drawing in about 10 minutes, while it probably took me about an hour to sketch out the one from 2005.
6. I’m still lousy at drawing hands, but I’ve come to terms with that, and have tried to incorporate it into my style.
7. I’m not afraid to draw someone sitting on a toaster anymore XD

How has your understanding of art techniques and such developed?
I tried out many different art styles, from realism to stick figures, and many different mediums, from oil paint to highlighters., and I’ve gotten better at “seeing” and drawing. Plus I’m a whole lot better at perspective.

What have you learned?

What inspired you to improve?
I love to draw, and you can’t continue to draw and draw without improving. Plus my one high school teacher, and my college art professors push me to step out of my comfort zones, which also helped me to improve in some areas.

Any tips for those wishing to improve themselves?
DRAW! And DRAW! AND DRAW! Don’t just stick with drawing anime either, draw from life, and try different styles. Create your own characters; draw anything you can think of, and anything you’d love to see on paper. And try not to compare your own artwork to other peoples too much. Everyone has there own style, and yours can be great too. Try to keep all your drawings, and then years and years later look back on them, and you’ll see just how good you’ve gotten.

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broom, cat, iyaminahamusutaa, toaster, witch
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Prove Your Improvement
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