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Rouken the Shadow Wolf
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Hiya! I couldn't scan for a long time...My Daddy's Computer was acting glitchy and it was the only computer that's connected to the scanner! Well, it's all fixed now...I don't know if I'll be drawing as much since school started up again...School makes meh lazy.OwO So I'm taking my own sweet time on stories and other stuff...

Anyway, this is what Rouken in his main wolf/beast form. He can usually change into a bigger size, big enough for a full grown human to ride on his back. Rouken is quite furry and he has lots of fur, especially on his tail. He has red crimson highlights on his sides and on his chest in his fur tips.

Rouken can speak English, as in the human language. And when he fight in this form and he'll look pretty frightening. Especially with his muzzle dripping in blood, as well as his claws. He shows no mercy to enemies and will protect me with his very life. Rouken has great loyalty to me and we have a bond that's unbreakable. We care for each other as fighting partners, as brother and sister, as close childhood friends. We have each others backs and we have great loyalty to each other. Rouken most of the time has a serious loyal and kind personality. He's very protective of his loved ones, especially me since I'm his master that I formed a pact with him, if he smells something threatening, he won't hesitate to kill it if it comes in spitting distance of us. But only when it shows any signs of attacking. He has a silly/prank side to him sometimes too. He's always with me and I rarely put him in his Pact Necklace unless he wants to rest.

Rouken has a human/werewolf form, but I'll draw that later. Well, hope everyone likes him. His back feet were a little tricky to draw, but I got them right.


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