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Here's a picture I've been meaning to draw for some time.
It's Raven from the teenage superhero team, the Teen Titans!
She's been a favorite for some time since I saw the animated series many moons ago when it aired on
Cartoon Network.
She's just so cool! If you wanna know more as to why I like her, then check out a 2D Hottie Spotlight article I wrote about her a little while ago here: http://ajvsblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/2d-hottie-spotlight-raven.html

Now on to the picture it self.

Back in the day, I drew countless Doodles and Fanarts of her.
But since the show ended, I lost interest in Teen Titans.
Though I've drawn some Teen Titans fanarts here and there, but haven't really finished them or posted them anywhere.

A few weeks ago while waiting in the car for someone with my “Doodle Book”, I was doodling around when I drew her face and hair which looked like the character but with a bit more Anime-like styling.
After that I decided to go all out and redraw it on sketch paper (minus the feet since they wouldn't fit on the paper ^^;).
Changed her hair style slightly.
I originally wanted the hair to look sharper like the doodle but it don't come out that way.

Yay! I finally posted Teen Titans fanart!
And fanart of my favorite Titan, Raven!

Anyway, Hope you all like it.

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Art By: AJV7 (Me)
Character Created By: DC Comics

Teen Titans Fan Art
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