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Teveck the Aron

Meet my new Gijinka, Teveck. He's an Aron which was pretty hard to do. I had a hard time coming up with his looks and such, but I got through ^^ here's his information

Pokemon: Aron

Name: Teveck

Age: 17

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Length: hangs above his shoulders, bangs hang in his face

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Skin Tone: Pale

Type Of Pokemon: Steel/Rock

Gender: Male

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 145 lbs (mostly muscle)

Held Item: Hard Stone

Relationship: None currently

Attacks: Metal Claw, Iron Head, Take Down, Head Smash

Personality: Teveck is a some what loner, who can act rough when he first meets someone. It comes from his dad constantly training him to be one of the strongest. He actually has a soft side but keeps it covered up so he doesn’t get pushed around as much.

Hometown: Oreburgh City, Sinnoh

Likes: metal, Oran berries, helping out, wrestling with his younger brothers

Dislikes: Team Galactic, jerks, liars, being pushed around

Fears: water (has an extreme fear of it)

Weaknesses: Water, fire, and fighting types

Strengths: unaffected by poison, resistant against most types

Full outfit: dark grey T-shirt under a silver colored vest, dark grey pants, silver colored boots, wears a diamond shaped locket with a picture of his younger siblings in it, wears his hard stone as a bracelet

Looks: Teveck has four black circles on his face, with his bangs hanging over his left eye and the two circles on that side.

Background: Teveck was born near Oreburgh City. His dad was a Rampardos Gijinka, while his mom was a Lairon Gijinka. His younger siblings were a mixture of Cranidos and Aron. One day his family was attacked by Team Galactic, which caused his parents to send him and his siblings into hiding. One day he had a run in with them again, only they had captured his parents and turned them against him.

He left his siblings with a friend of his to watch over while he left and went to find away to spring his parents from Team Galactic’s control. He didn’t want his siblings getting in the way. He’s still trying to find a way to free them, but is also on the run from hunters because of an accident he caused when he started eating a bridge ^^’

Teveck belongs to me
The base I used is found on DeviantArt (I'm going to post the PNG version on there)
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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