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Haha Iruka-san, you didn't think that I was gonna finish it TODAY, did you?
... I actaully finished it yeserday... BUUUUT my acc was acting retarded and won't lemme post it up. -____-
But here it is!
ANOTHER picture of Lux & Lupe.

Why is it named Frienemies?
Becauseee Lupe & Lux ALWAYS agrue, ALWAYS fighting, & they disgust each other. But at the end of the day, they will ALWAYS have each other's back. They are VERY much the same. Both flirtacious, both sexy, both charmers, both great fighters, both protectors, etc. etc. etc.
They CAN be best friends (if they weren't so stubborn xDDD)

Hope you all like it♥


Pokemon Fan Art
enemies, friends, frienemies, lopunny, lupe, lux, luxray, pgr, poke gijinka revolution
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