Angel Zakuro (Fan Art Portfolio) clown Puffy. :)

clown Puffy. :)
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Well...I drew something today. XD I took out my sketch book, which hasn't been used, and said to myself, "Wow. I think I forgot how to draw." I was afraid to try and draw a character! My only point of inspiration...or...the only thing I can draw these days, lol, is Puffy. :) My favorite stuffed animal, who has been with me since I was very very little. I drew him normally, and then mom told me to draw him with a clown outfit, hah~! So yeah! I like how he turned out.

I fail at coloring, however. Especially after I draw it in pencil...I just like the sketchy look too much.

Do any of you remember Puffalumps? Did any of you have them? I had/have so many. But THE Puffy (my Puffy) is this mouse one. I also have the lamp version of him, hehe. ^_^ I thought I had a pic I took of MINE, but I don't. He's now very gray...very worn...stitches everywhere. He's the most loved thing I ever had. I still sleep with him, but I have to be careful he doesn't fall apart! When I was little, I didn't like his eyebrows. So we had them pulled you'll see in those pics that they're supposed to have pink eyebrows. XD Mine doesn't. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH STILL.

Yup. So not the best piece of artwork, but it has so much sentiment behind it for me...

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