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Zebra Pen Gijinka Design~!
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>w< First lemme have a fangirl squealing moment. GAHHH!!!!!


Okay. I drew this maybe last week!! The background story is, I have this little zebra pen cover thing with a body of felt, and yarn for arms and legs, and its head and feet are stuffed with cotton. It has no tail, but it has this huge puff of hair on its head.

My friends always say it looks like I'm shanking him with my pen whenever I slip him onto my pen, since his body is open at both ends (his head is actually glued to the side of his body and not the top) and the pen can go right through his back if I wanted. Also, I keep dropping him on the floor 20 feet away and have to scoot him back to my arm range by pushing him along the dirty school floor before I can reach to pick him up. "The poor zebra.... He goes through so much abuse!!" Is what one of my friends said. Which made me have an inspiration.

First I drew the actual zebra on the pen, laying in a huge irrational pool of his own blood with tears rolling down his face. XDDD

But then I had the idea.... to make him into a person, complete with personality traits and an outfit and everything!!! >w< So here is the finished result!!

BEFORE ANYONE SAYS ANYTHING.... I KNOW IT'S ON LOOSELEAF. T^T I started sketching him, but then it turned out to be better than I thought and I was too lazy to trace him onto a piece of computer paper...so.....enjoy the blue lines that go through his picture! XDD

Most of the information about him is up there on the sheet, for those of you who actually read what I write XD. Shayde had just recently told me about a fresh new anime about a girl who goes to this mental institute, and there is a girl who is scared of males and a guy who is a masochist. That's what gave me the idea that Zebra Pen is masochistic!! He goes through so much abuse...But I think he loves it >w<~<3 I still don't know his name. I've already hit him numerous times and threw even more threats to him, but he only blushes and stutters "Hehe....m-master, please don't...~"

Sigh. So if y'all have any ideas for a cool name to name him, gimme! Comment below!!

I hope y'all love Zebra Pen as much as I do!! *glomps him and gives him a noogie*

Zebra Pen: ..........>w<~<3

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