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YYH Fight

I did this piece some time ago. It exists mostly to waste my paint. You see much blue as it is the colour that got left over the most.

The line is uneven as I did not use a pencil, but drew directly with my black pen. I drew Yusuke's face wrong so I used liquid paper to correct it. I know this is bad and I will do a proper piece next time. Just that my craze for YYH has cooled a little for now.

You see more of my posts this month because I'm entering a sort of contest where there's no limits to submission. I don't expect my work to win any beauty prizes against those students from art schools as I have never been to one myself. To me it will just be a chance to showcase my work and I am happy if a few people can notice me.

Even if nothing comes out of it, I will still continue to draw as I'm no good at anything else :( I like to draw since I was a little kid but I never got the chance or time to develop my skills due to study and work.

Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Art
colour, draw, hiei, kurama, paint, poster, practice, sketch, yu, yusuke, yyh
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