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Pudding's Cafe
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I hope you had an awesome B-day!

Oh man, what can I say about this picture? Probably the most work and fun I had with a picture since my nyaf entry which was more work then fun. :P

I started the picture probably the day that it was Pudding’s birthday. XD It wasn’t supposed to take this long but my ideas grew and grew sooo yeahhhh… Originally Pudding (from Tokyo mew mew) was going to be a random character but by the time I went to color it I changed my mind… Plus it kinda looked like her anyway so why not.

Getting to the technical stuff, Pudding and the sweets/items around her was 100% done in sai. I wanted to try something new so I didn’t do any line art for the food/items. It was really tough at first because it was my first time doing a full shaded picture in sai, and I’m not really familiar with the tools. Then with some of the items I did everything on one layer so I had that challenge as well but it was all worth it. I want to experiment with no line art more and expand on it since it’s really fun yet challenging to do. Oh and the reason way the parfait was cut off because I created it near the top of the page. All the times are on several layers so I couldn’t break them apart. XD

Coloring Pudding was the most fun though! I finally got a handle on a coloring method that I liked and it worked well. I wanted her to have a soft look so I went for a soft cell shaded coloring. Since working on this picture I have a renewed passion for coloring so I’ll might dig in some old line arts and complete them. XD coloring Pudding’s hair was a blast. I found a really nice style that I can work with that looks really different from what I usually do. I meant to add a shiny highlight too it but I forgot, it still looks good though.

The background I did all in Photoshop and used these great candy scrap textures/sparkle brush from DA. It was REALLY hard to think of a good background but after looking at some of Bara-chan’s work I changed the look around totally. I tend to over think/do the background so simplifying my process and design was key for this bg.

That’s it, I know this was WAY TOO LONG but this was a huge picture for me and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I hope you all enjoy it!

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Art
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