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Addy the Delcatty!~
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Finally!! Here is Addy!! I named her after my best friend's cat Addy. I might use her in PGR if I fill out her character a bit more. And her name coincedentally happens to work with the guidelines for naming your character on PGR ^~^ So I don't have her bio yet... I do know she's 20 and she's a key character in Nyarth's past: she is the "caring older-sister figure" type person. I love the way she came out! I got two of my friends to design her dress because as you all know I suck at fashion XDD

I dedicated this to Kiro-sama because she is my artistic idol!! I had your style in mind, especially for the eyes and profile of her face, and I think I did pretty well! If you could, can you tell me how I did? It was my first time drawing the side view of her nose and lips... I swear I didn't look at your drawings and copy them! I hope I did well! <:33

Anyway, here is Addy the Delcatty! >w<

Addy: Hey y'all! It's really nice to meet you!~ *winks sweetly and smiles*

//EDIT: I know these things already, so you don't need to tell me:
~her forearm is too short
~her hands and feet are kinda wonky
~one ear is bigger than the other
~her neck is offcentered
~her body is kinda leaning over

Also, in her profile, she's tilting her head down. That's why you don't see her neck or chin much. I purposely made it like that. And she's looking backward if you didn't catch it XD;

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