Cinnamon Sparrow (Fan Art Portfolio) Sketch Dump Time~!

Sketch Dump Time~!
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A compendium of some of my favorite doodles from the past three months.
Some of the series here include....

Harry Potter Obvious trio at the top not withstanding and perhaps a few labeled names, can you guess who's whothrough the incomprehensible sketchiness? :3

Hunchback of Notre Dame - MOAR CLOPIN :D And the HoND gang in the top corner is reading fanfiction. They are not pleased. Also Frollo and Djali have no face.

Avatar: the Last Airbender - BEHOLD, THE CRAPPIEST AVATAR DOODLES EVER! Momo and Appa totally make the picture 8D

P.S. Super apologies to those I owe requests from the OP challenge, sorry for taking so long but I do have a start! I want to make sure I do my best on all of them. :)

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
aang, avatar, bill, charizard, chopper, clopin, death the kid, disney, esmeralda, fleur, gijinka, harry potter, hermione, hunchback of notre dame, kid, luffy, luna, one piece, pokemon, robin, ron, soul eater
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